Lena bikini 1


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what you think about my body & my bikini?

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  1. VINCENT Said:

    natural superbe !

  2. Bhubb Said:

    Now that’s a perfect body just wow show more at bhubb03@yahoo.com swap some pics bc your sexy

  3. Bhubb Said:

    That body is perfect would like to see that body naked bc your sexy as fuck show more at bhubb03@yahoo.com swap pics

  4. Spike Said:

    Very nice! How about a boob critic now?

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    your body on MFA is WOW, here it is SEXY SEXY! 10!

bikini girl exploring


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FTV submission pic for Brianna

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  1. Tom Boy Said:

    Get your bikini off and i would explor your wet bit .

  2. relgnet3@yahoo.com Said:

    Beautiful beach bunny!

  3. Spike Said:

    Thanks for the change!

Like my tattoos?


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22yo army girl :)

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  1. g481966@gmail.com Said:

    Your so Hot… and you know it. Your tattoos are awesome to. your yummy. :)

  2. Boog Said:

    You look great and I love the tats

  3. Spike Said:

    Come on bikini time…..I am tired of looking at this rag!

  4. Spike Said:

    Can someone else please put a bikini on and take a pic?

  5. Browser Said:

    No, but you have a great body

  6. ArmyDude13@yahoo.com Said:

    Must find nudes!!

  7. Trevor Said:

    I like ur pick.

  8. Tim Said:

    Hotter then the depths of hell

  9. Joe Said:

    I wonder if this girls has nudes, she is amazing!!

  10. blckmale187@gmail.com Said:

    yea very nice

  11. dd.eddie Said:

    Yes, i like them on you and enjoy you belly ring. Reg army or army brat.. either way your HOT!

bikini selfie


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submission pic for Veronica

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  1. Enrique Said:

    I think all these girls are smoking hot

  2. g481966@gmail.com Said:

    Just beautiful. god your hot.. :)

  3. vincent Said:


  4. Bhubb03@yahoo.com Said:

    Dang what a perfect body would like to see more of that swap some

  5. Bhubb Said:

    Damn would love to see more of that body at bhubb03@yahoo.com

  6. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW, wedding night? and a virgin… damn invite me..

  7. 5714327523 Said:

    Damn you hot please share more

White Sands, Blue Sky


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  1. mr.c Said:

    i know what you did last summer :D

  2. aedan Said:

    you hot girle

  3. dd.eddoe Said:

    east coast green water.. and a carolina girl playin hard to get attitude.. but sexy..

  4. gtrwrstlr@gmail.com Said:

    this beach has got to be on the gulf coast. I’m there too. let’s trade some pics sexy girl. ten

Sexy wife in bikini


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Wife enjoys showing how sexy she is

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  1. herman Said:

    can she smile

  2. nikki Said:

    omg ur cute

  3. keepitinteresting@hotmail.com Said:

    this site never get updated daily. I post pics often and they never get put up. You black beauty queen. so sexy. yum yum.

  4. Bhubb Said:

    If she likes showing lets see how nice that ass is at bhubb03@yahoo.com swap some

  5. Bhubb Said:

    If she likes showing lets see that ass at bhubb03@yahoo.com

  6. John Said:

    Very beautiful your a lucky man.

  7. 5714327523 Said:

    Very sexy does she like a 8 inch white cock

  8. rj327275@aol.com Said:


  9. dd.eddie Said:

    Damn, why r u married? She’s hot; fab facce, gr8 body. I could enjoy more of her. Lucky you

20 y/o tight body


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comments appreciated ;)

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  1. vicmcee Said:

    you look pretty damn hot :D

  2. bob Said:

    holy shit

  3. tygas Said:

    dang your fine i wish you were my GF

  4. Dave Said:

    Nice stomach for me to pull out and blow it on!

  5. Mike Said:

    Damn! I want you!

  6. tom dick Said:

    you are to sexy you should be in playboy

  7. Phil Said:

    How is this not a ten?

  8. hello Said:

    very sexy

  9. gtrwrstlr@gmail.com Said:

    wow. you are amazing. sexy from head to toe. love the tan skin and dark hair. gorgeous face. ten. trade?

  10. bill Said:

    that is a work of art. so fine

  11. electricalguy00@gmail.com Said:

    Absolutely amazing!!! 10++++

  12. dd.eddie Said:

    a 10! for your eyes, and smile alone.. +++ for a hot body. you must taste so damn good. :D

  13. 5714327523 Said:

    Very sexy please post more or share with me

  14. marine_69@yahoo.com Said:

    perfect 10….love ur fine body and wanna see more…how about some in this marine’s inbox?

Barbie Doll In Bikini


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  1. bob Said:


  2. mark Said:

    i like

  3. relgnet3@yahoo.com Said:

    Turn around honey – please show us your perfect ass

  4. relgnet3@yahoo.com Said:

    Flawlessly gorgeous doll!

  5. tom dick Said:


  6. Browser Said:

    You’re hot!

  7. dd.eddie Said:

    Cute 8, not quite the Barbie look. But i would let her eat crackers in bed anytime!

  8. gtrwrstlr@gmail.com Said:

    that lake looks familiar. where are you guys boating at?

The Latin MILF Bikini


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  1. rick Said:

    attractive color wear,boncing bobs,nice tan

  2. Brodeur Said:

    I think it know where she is. You can find lots of women like this at Pharoah’s waterpark in Redlands, Ca

  3. vincent Said:

    c’est joli mais c’est du siliconne..dommage, mais globalement elle est agréable

  4. Ron Said:

    I do love your big tits!

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    Wow! she’s really built up top. A little thin in the trunk.. long legs.. 9!

  6. sean Said:

    I love fake over sized tits

  7. Mary J Said:


Tattooed Bikini Girls


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  1. lapayne.1918@yahoo.com Said:

    love your tats and gorgeous tits , love to eat both anytime, anyplace

  2. tygas Said:

    wow ya’ll is hot!!

  3. ukspunkymonkey@gmail.com Said:

    Wow, love to be wanked of by the one with the sleave

  4. rick Said:

    tatto is not feminitybut damsel is serene-magnetic attraction

  5. mark Said:

    both are very hot…..very very hot

  6. Browser Said:

    Tattoo’s ruined an otherwise beautiful woman

  7. dd.eddie Said:

    Are they both named Harley, cuz i want to ride them so badly! :D

  8. Spike Said:

    not so impressed with the tats but the rest is nice

  9. Tim Said:

    Holy hell your both super hot

  10. Mike Said:

    oh fuck yea! I’ll take the one in black.