Sexy in blue


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  1. Ron Said:

    I like you. I’d enjoy being with you at the beach and fucking you there or in the bedroom

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    U r so far away; very good potential

Am I hot?


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Just felt like snappin’ a selfie.

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  1. A Non Amus Said:

    Babe you are beaitiful! Id live to spend a night with you!

  2. omg! Said:

    smoking hot mami!

  3. Spike Said:

    Good Morning Gorgeous!!!

  4. dd.eddie Said:

    A dream next door girl HOT!

  5. Spike Said:

    You are smokin hot and would love to see you on boob critic!!!!

  6. j Said:

    Hell Yes!

  7. Morgan Said:

    Baby I’m happy you did you are smoking hot love to see more,

SEXY_SHELLY busty amateur wife in a black bikini


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SEXY_SHELLY a kinky and busty amateur wife in a small black bikini and heels

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  1. DOG Said:

    your right, ive seen her in a few places to,

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    Seen her around on numberous sites. Ok to give her a chance rating here

  3. Browser Said:


Sexy in pink


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  1. YummyBikini Said:

    Sexy hottie

  2. Ron Said:

    You deserve a comment. You look good and fun. I’d do you with delight

  3. dd.eddie Said:

    Sexy, hot and YUMMY! her smile and nose sets me off on top of that full body! :D

sexy topless wife!


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Miami wife on South Beach!

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  1. Said:

    Still loving this sexy woman and her beautiful tits and bod

  2. Ron Said:

    Sexy as hell. Hope to see more of you in 2015

  3. jackmehoff Said:

    I’d love to titty fuck you!!!

  4. Ron Said:

    Hope you haven’t quit sending in pics — she is sexy delicious!

  5. Ron Said:

    You sure know how to wear a bikini. Great bod and tits

  6. ACE Said:

    Hottest pic on here in a long time Doll! I’d love to walk up on you on any beach

  7. Ron Said:

    So damn sexy!

  8. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW, she is yummy HOT! I can only imagine her covered in EVOO

  9. Spike Said:

    OMG you are so fucking sexy!!!

  10. johnjames Said:

    god i just want to cum all over her

wife in bikini


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mid 40’s wife is hot!

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  1. ACE Said:

    Super sexy Doll! Perfection

  2. Ron Said:

    Light hair, dark hair — i’m not complaining either way. She is hot as hell. Keep sending pics.

  3. Said:

    yes, she’s dark hair, but lightens often back and forth. thanks for comments all!

  4. Ron Said:

    She has dark hair here and light hair on Calendar Wives. Same woman?

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    Yes very hot; and sporting a mouth watering cameltoe!

  6. Said:

    thanks for comments! i posted another ‘sexy topless wife!’

  7. johnjames Said:

    horny looking hard bodied cougarwith incredible tits

  8. omg! Said:

    10+ simply amazing! you are a perfect example of a real woman!

  9. Browser Said:

    Love the nipples and faint camel toe…

  10. Said:

    Fuckin Sexy!!! very hot lady i’d like to ride her like a horse!!

My girlfriend Cristie

My Cristie-590x786.jpg

Rating: 3.6    (456 votes cast)

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  1. Ron Said:

    NIce big tits – love to see you topless

  2. j Said:

    how about a new post???

  3. superg Said:

    Nice boobs and cameltoes

  4. Said:

    She looks amazing!!! Sexy tummy and amazing cleavage!!! :)

  5. john Said:

    Can she sit on my face then lower that pussy on my dripping cock plz.

  6. dd.eddie Said:

    very nice everything Cristie! I would go to the beach daily if i knew you were there.

  7. Said:

    nice camel toe! get her to take that top off so we can see that huge rack!

  8. Browser Said:

    Love the camel toe

  9. Spike Said:

    she has a nice rack on her and I see the faint image of a camel toe to top it off!!!

sexy duck face bikini


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  1. db Said:

    yes there is nothing sexy about a so called duck face

  2. j Said:

    there is nothing sexy about duckface

  3. VINCENT Said:

    great body

  4. dd.eddie Said:

    pretty, sexy, hot, yummy. imagine those around your member

beach blonde bikini


Rating: 3.39    (302 votes cast)

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  1. Said:

    Wow! Please take off that bikini in my emails for a trade ;)

  2. p.p. driver Said:

    10 in my eyes! your body and smile makes me soo horny! take some more off please.

  3. dd.eddie Said:

    Damn, this is one HOT chick! love her smile and tiny hips

  4. VINCENT Said:


Bikini and bow


Rating: 3.16    (272 votes cast)

An FTV submit pic from Samantha Rone

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  1. anime king Said:

    i need to see all of her body

  2. ryan Said:

    honey boo boo grew up!

  3. na Said:

    that is one sexy girl she my kinda girl would love to see what is under them pants

  4. dd.eddie Said:

    I’d like to fling my arrow into her womanly quiver. btw my cok is compound also50lb pull