the one that got away!!

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My hot ass ex girlfriend

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    need boyfriend can i apply your awesome babe

  2. cumguy Said:

    Too Bad for you she is gorgeous!

  3. DewayneMaloney Said:


  4. Rich Said:


  5. bob Said:

    can I have sex

  6. joe Said:

    show me more

  7. Dawg Said:

    Hot everything!

  8. john Said:

    pop dat pussy

  9. john36 Said:

    What an erotic face.

  10. nmsoldier Said:

    youre a dumb fuck letting her go. she is sweet perfection.

  11. jackoff Said:

    won get naked

  12. tony Said:

    that is sexe girll

  13. Bob Said:

    very hot, I agree with the high maintanence

  14. funkyg Said:

    im trying to post more…this one doesnt do her justice

  15. dd.eddie Said:

    cute, but she doesnt lookk happy and most likely HIGH MAINTENANCE

Hangingg out in the hot tub

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Me and my friend =)

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    id do you both sametime and in the hot tub then to your bedroom

  2. jj Said:

    hey get your friend and lets have a threesome in that hot tub

  3. DewayneMaloney Said:


  4. Aaron Said:

    Your mouth looks warm

  5. Jake Said:

    She is a real beauty

  6. john Said:

    suck my 10 inch dick oh wait it to big

  7. todd Said:

    nice pic would like to meet you

  8. Said:

    You have some very pretty eyes. I love those eyebrows’

  9. j Said:

    id fuck them both all night

  10. Said:

    wow i wanna fuck the girl in front she is fine as hell ,beautiful face and smile!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. Said:

    damn girls let hook up 22 year old guy

  12. Friend Said:

    Typical cute-friend ugly-friend scenario

  13. Bob Said:


  14. dd.eddie Said:

    2 awesomely gorgeous gurls! Paki or Indian decent? More please

  15. betterdayzz@yahoo Said:

    wow girl u have stunning eyes very captivating for sure cutey :)

  16. Said:

    you and your friend are stunning, me and my friend would love to see more message me and maybe we can swap if your interested ;)

My Wife

My Wife 1.JPG
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Wow! “Hot Wife” looks alot like “My Wife” we are a couple of lucky fellows!

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  1. Olà Said:

    Tua moglie ha un culo favoloso, che goduria a 90.

  2. jj Said:

    wow nice ass would love to see the front with no bikini

  3. Don Said:

    I like the heels big lips for my big dick

  4. smokin Said:

    u lucky dog

  5. likemspread Said:


  6. Wally Said:

    Not nearly as nice as her other ass shot. I would still pay $2000 to have intercourse with her though.

  7. Bob Said:

    nice, but a little skinny

  8. dd.eddie Said:

    Bird hehehe has no brain… lol….. sorry

  9. dd.eddie Said:

    hell! is she only 5ft and 80lbs? Awesome

  10. Said:

    holy shit! can you message me?! I am 23 and love that body… so hot! :D

  11. bird Said:

    no ass no face

Wanna ride?

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    yes i do call me id do u right on hood you look great

  2. Don Said:

    Lets hit it in the backseat

  3. naja Said:

    eat your pussy very bad

  4. terry Said:


  5. Bob Said:


  6. dave Said:

    wanna hookup your hot as hell!!!!!!!!!

  7. bj Said:

    if i can play with your pussy

  8. dd.eddie Said:

    RaqTor I think we’d all settle for closeup and loose straps and more cheeky/side booby hints.

  9. RaqTor Said:

    Thanks! I would post nudes but my fiance’ is lame…

  10. bj Said:

    hell yeah bitch

  11. dd.eddie Said:

    shes’s a lot cleaner than that

  12. rick Said:



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and see thru bikinis

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  1. Xman Said:

    Wow!…She is hot

  2. dogg6969 Said:

    i wish i was there in person in front id do you right ther what to chat

  3. milf lover Said:

    simply ……breathtaking ….10

  4. jj Said:

    wish i could be there to fuck you hard and suck on those tits

  5. DewayneMaloney Said:


  6. tunamister Said:

    glass bikinis by see more crack

  7. smokin Said:

    time to whack off.

  8. pornoholicc Said:

    i need some trikiniss.

  9. sculptor Said:

    As photo go- that is a spectacular picture- sexy, but pure. Aluring, yet artful. BRAVO!

  10. Bob Said:

    wow… all i got to say

  11. Said:

    AMAZING!!! I need to see more!!!

  12. Gage the fucker Said:

    That is one hot fucking girl right there u and me r going to have sex fucking ya

  13. raj Said:

    ready to hav a big cock

  14. stud Said:

    now that is a great picture would have loved to see it in person

  15. Said:

    that body is so fine :) really love the nipples… awesome! thanks!

  16. dd.eddie Said:

    Great curves!

  17. chase connors Said:

    u hot babe

hot wife

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hot wife showing off

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    lets have a few bottles and champagin and then ill do what ever you like will you marry me

  2. bob Said:

    sa va tu n’est pas timide passe a l’action tout de suite

  3. DewayneMaloney Said:


  4. Don Said:

    Lets get it on

  5. Fred Said:

    WILF (wife I’d like to fuck

  6. Billy Said:

    mmm…target spotted

  7. Matt Said:

    I love see through bikinis

  8. tomtank Said:


  9. smokin Said:

    my dick is rock hard

  10. big hamer Said:

    good p? love to eat ass and p?!

  11. pete Said:

    mmm luv 2 plug that butt

  12. 12 incher Said:

    Da only ting dat pic likes is me and u nude

  13. vinnie Said:

    Shave that monkey!!!

  14. kentucky Said:

    you would be the perfect babe if you swollow

  15. Bob Said:

    very nice

  16. Said:

    Love the pose and the peek at that hot looking pussy!!! Show me more!

  17. mike Said:

    you are hot baby

  18. dave Said:

    wow that isone awesome looking pussy wish i could eat it!!!!!!

  19. Said:

    DAMN! great doggy pose and gorgeous pussy peeking out… I am 23. message me? thanks! :D

  20. bird Said:

    big brown puss to go with brown feet

  21. bj Said:

    nice ass can i lick it

  22. Said:

    wow.. im hard for your wife

  23. TheStryker Said:

    Wow….. a treat for the feet lovers too………..:-)

Hangin out on the beachh

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    lose the shorts thongs would look good

  2. dogg6969 Said:

    so you two want to do threesome lets try it call me

  3. bob Said:

    quel beua sourire qu’elle a la demoiselle de droite

  4. tunamister Said:

    left tit-right tit-PRICK in the middle

  5. JayJay Said:

    u 2 look like u could be sisters

  6. John Said:

    Nice ladies, and where did you get your shorts, I’d love to know!

  7. Said:

    wow girls you are both super sexy lets talk and hook up, 22 year old guys, hit me up at my email

  8. bob Said:

    got 10″ for you

  9. dave Said:

    you would be a great tagteam

  10. Said:

    both of you girls are sexy! wanna chat? I am 23… would love if you message me :) thanks!

  11. You are a godess Said:

    The one on the right is smokin hot

  12. jack Said:

    i would love to have sex with you

  13. dd.eddie Said:

    I just wish I could squeeze in between your beautiful bodies for 5mins and just die happy.

  14. Alex85 Said:

    bonitas las dos putas

  15. Said:

    Y’all are hot makes me want to go to the beach

Care to join me?

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  1. Said:

    u are drop dead Beautiful wish i was with you now sexy

  2. dogg6969 Said:

    lose the bottoms

  3. dogg6969 Said:

    want me to do you right under the tree

  4. Said:

    i am going to ask santa for you this christmas!!

  5. en10433 Said:

    i would love to

  6. Said:

    sure i would love to can we take a nap together with my head on your boobs?

  7. LK130E Said:

    Me again. You have to be a 10 for sure and who thinks you not then they are wrong.

  8. LK130E Said:

    You were born to be beautiful. I wish you the very best

  9. betterdayzz@yahoo Said:

    i could make u smile lol:)

  10. Said:

    wud cum block the sun out :P hehehe

  11. Said:

    U should smile more because u are very beautiful

  12. dumb Said:

    not hot

  13. Said:

    smile girl ur hot lol

  14. Said:

    wow girl u r super cute,very pretty face and body,:) love ur tummy,sexy 10

  15. dd.eddie Said:

    hmmm….. yes. And may I lather you in sunscreen?

  16. Brody Said:

    This is so hot. Cum fore her!!!

Pool side

l (1).jpg
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who wants to join?

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    hey ladies lets go out on town want to lets do threesome you like dp

  2. Said:

    I want in top

  3. alisha Said:

    love girls feet

  4. DewayneMaloney Said:


  5. Jake Said:

    That pic is so hot and so are both of you!

  6. Juan Said:

    I would

  7. dave Said:

    would love you to make sandwich out of me

  8. Ayan Said:

    I want to fuck u girls

  9. Mitch Said:

    I want to be in the middle of you to

  10. Secret Said:

    hell yeah lets fuck my dicks 9 inches

  11. Said:

    girl doggy style, nice….

  12. Said:

    how old are you two?! you look so damn sexy :) I am 23 and you make my cock hard. message me please! :) thx

  13. Jizzle Said:


  14. dd.eddie Said:

    a couple of smokin girls from next door. My head would fix nicely between those hips!

More of me boys :)

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 9.42.07 AM.jpg
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i was asked to hit it up on boob critic, i think i might if I get high ratings…black & pink guys ;)

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    are you near lake superior you two look good but lose the suites

  2. chris Said:

    wheres the link to topless?

  3. Said:

    Anywhere I can see more of you?? Love that photo!!

  4. 2144989388 Said:

    Shoot me the link in a text :)

  5. Michelle Said:

    hey boys, boob critic wont throw up the pic i submitted but hopefully this other site does, i’ll link dont worry ;)

  6. Hi Said:

    10. Hit it up

  7. JizSplash Said:

    Michelle, please post it up on boobcritic !! then give the link :-)

  8. Said:

    oh yes please, i think every guy would love to see that, ive been dying to see more since your fist post, you are drop dead sexy

  9. michelle Said:

    hey boys, i took a nice topless photo the other day. if you want i’ll put it on boob critic >.<

  10. mark Said:

    well whether or not its someone else posting these pics i know this girl :P

  11. ryan Said:

    10 all the way

  12. joe Said:

    does anyone honestly believe that the females in these pictures are the ones posting them? C’mon

  13. dude Said:

    i definitely wanna see you on boob critic… 10!!!

  14. dd.eddie Said:

    Please wait, the rating arent loading but i AM! Long and hard.. I promise to 10 you!

  15. Said:

    You’d instantly make that site worth visiting, my are you sexy, id love to see more feel free to msg me ;)

  16. bob Said:

    girl you have an amazing body, you need to hit it up on boob critic….10 for here guys ;)