my sexy front this time

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This should get me an improvement over the last one!

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  1. g on December 15, 2013: (Reply)

    A girl named Chelsea

  2. j on August 28, 2013: (Reply)

    who do i look like? lol

  3. g on August 3, 2013: (Reply)

    you look alot like someone i know….

  4. Post more on June 23, 2013: (Reply)

    Love it. Post more!!

  5. Doug on April 19, 2013: (Reply)

    I love seeing nipple through a bikini

  6. Yoro on April 5, 2013: (Reply)

    Share some more sexy

  7. Yoro on March 29, 2013: (Reply)

    Awesome body plz show more 10 outa 10

  8. j on March 14, 2013: (Reply)

    hey golf, would you rather fuck my ass or the milf in the pic above?

  9. on March 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Killer body! And I love your ass in the other pic. Care to trade??

  10. na on March 5, 2013: (Reply)

    im a 19 year old virgin u look great and no girls like me

  11. on March 5, 2013: (Reply)

    it is a sin that you are not ranked better you look great to me

  12. dd.eddie on March 4, 2013: (Reply)

    Lovely! now please just share a little tight nippleage. Oh sooo smooth

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my sexy tight ass

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7 Comments for my sexy tight ass

  1. A Non Amus on January 19, 2015: (Reply)

    Dont listen to them, beautiful ass!

  2. joe diffy on August 1, 2013: (Reply)

    great ass

  3. bj on March 1, 2013: (Reply)

    i wood do u

  4. jim.b on February 22, 2013: (Reply)

    From the looks of things, that bikini bottom probably used to fit. 30lbs later it’s almost a thong!

  5. remmy on February 21, 2013: (Reply)

    nice muffin top

  6. dd.eddie on February 19, 2013: (Reply)

    Very slapable using my hands or my hipps and belly

  7. me on February 18, 2013: (Reply)

    not looking all that tight

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Cruise line Fun on the topless deck!

Bikini Resized - 04a.jpg
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Having some vacation fun… sun tanning on the cruise lines topless deck. hope you all enjoy and like what you see. let me know what you think leave your comments i love to read them…don’t be to harsh… ๐Ÿ˜›

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16 Comments for Cruise line Fun on the topless deck!

  1. Arjun on November 17, 2013: (Reply)

    u r cute in topless

  2. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Show you boobs beautiful

  3. John on August 7, 2013: (Reply)

    You are really beautiful.

  4. on July 4, 2013: (Reply)

    Loverly body babe. Seeing just enough to want to see a lot more :)

  5. on June 4, 2013: (Reply)

    wow you are beautiful. i would love to see some more of you in my inbox and i will rate you on every sexy pic you send.

  6. HELLBILLY on March 28, 2013: (Reply)

    Hey Susan love your tots and that ass looks hot too

  7. Dave on February 19, 2013: (Reply)

    i would let my woman taste your prettypussy while i go deep inside of ypu

  8. Dave on February 19, 2013: (Reply)

    would love topound thatsexy pussy after i eat it

  9. Wheeler on February 19, 2013: (Reply)

    Dam you look hot

  10. Spike on February 12, 2013: (Reply)

    You are amazing!! 10

  11. on February 9, 2013: (Reply)

    You look so incredible!! Please continue to share with us!!

  12. sam on February 8, 2013: (Reply)

    you look very fucking hot 10++

  13. on February 5, 2013: (Reply)


  14. dd.eddie on February 4, 2013: (Reply)

    Well first you are bootaylicious! 2nd you side hangin tit is scrumptous.3rd ur f/n HOT! 10

  15. me on February 4, 2013: (Reply)

    sexy i’d bang you hard.

  16. on February 3, 2013: (Reply)

    I would love to dock my ship in that port for a night and do some motor boating in that ass

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My sexy wife black bikini 2

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What ya think?

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15 Comments for My sexy wife black bikini 2

  1. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Who is she they should show their boobs

  2. dave on June 30, 2013: (Reply)

    my wife would like to eat your cunt

  3. Ron on March 11, 2013: (Reply)

    Would love for you to post some more on all the sites

  4. Ron on March 9, 2013: (Reply)

    Whoever did not rank you a 10 is either an idiot or blind

  5. Ron on February 7, 2013: (Reply)

    This is almost sexier than the pics with your boobs out – almost. You have an incredible body and tits.

  6. t on January 31, 2013: (Reply)

    look now under my sexy wife in pink.

  7. Ron on January 30, 2013: (Reply)

    Who is she on boob critic?

  8. t on January 28, 2013: (Reply)

    she is already on boob critic and rating high.

  9. chris on January 23, 2013: (Reply)


  10. Ron on January 21, 2013: (Reply)

    You would soar to #1 on boobcritic – do it.

  11. T BONE on January 19, 2013: (Reply)


  12. Ron on January 18, 2013: (Reply)

    We need your wife on boobcritic – her body and those tits look incredible!

  13. Larry on January 17, 2013: (Reply)

    Lets see those huge tits!!!

  14. Ron on January 17, 2013: (Reply)

    What a great body and out of this world big tits. Your wife is my dream woman

  15. dd.eddie on January 17, 2013: (Reply)

    One heck of a yummy body!

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my bikini wife

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be honest, i just want to see how she does here

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14 Comments for my bikini wife

  1. on September 30, 2014: (Reply)

    Pretty With a Killer Bod…10..!!!

  2. cc on August 31, 2013: (Reply)

    very nice go usa

  3. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Nice body

  4. on April 7, 2013: (Reply)

    gotta love a patriotic woman!

  5. Dave on February 19, 2013: (Reply)

    one hott ass love thatbody

  6. Spike on January 24, 2013: (Reply)

    Would love to see her naked!

  7. on January 22, 2013: (Reply)

    hot wife wish i had one

  8. bj on January 18, 2013: (Reply)

    god bless the usa!

  9. ACE on January 17, 2013: (Reply)

    Very HOT!

  10. al on January 16, 2013: (Reply)

    so hot!

  11. dd.eddie on January 16, 2013: (Reply)

    She si very sexy. Love that smile!

  12. sam on January 16, 2013: (Reply)

    HOT HOT HOT 10++

  13. me on January 15, 2013: (Reply)

    God bless america

  14. goodheadhunter2002 on January 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Hello smokin hot!

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Hawaii vacation

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Melody and Lena

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8 Comments for Hawaii vacation

  1. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    The one wearing blue should have bigger boobs you guys are the hottest chick ever

  2. kyle on April 27, 2013: (Reply)

    hot fucking chicks

  3. on April 24, 2013: (Reply)

    damn babygirls let me get more via email

  4. Ben on January 31, 2013: (Reply)

    Very nice i want both of them

  5. Big daddy on January 22, 2013: (Reply)

    There’s a storm raging, in my pants

  6. mark on January 10, 2013: (Reply)

    two very hot women….both are 10s

  7. John on January 7, 2013: (Reply)


  8. dd.eddie on January 7, 2013: (Reply)

    Anyways that i can squeeze between you both for a shot? 9++

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what u think?

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i love the comments.. i u want too see more do more comments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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19 Comments for what u think?

  1. on September 17, 2013: (Reply)

    I think I miss u!!!!!

  2. Ryan on July 30, 2013: (Reply)

    I love your round booty

  3. gingerholic on July 12, 2013: (Reply)

    a redhead!

  4. mike on May 14, 2013: (Reply)

    Great looking girl. Your very lucky.

  5. on February 1, 2013: (Reply)


  6. on January 22, 2013: (Reply)

    looks good

  7. mark on January 5, 2013: (Reply)…hot…very nace

  8. 3153800888 on January 4, 2013: (Reply)

    Sexy! Wuld luv to c more!

  9. I on January 4, 2013: (Reply)

    @me – I’m a huge fan of you’re boobcritic pics. Haven’t found your naughty pics yet but I’m looking again. Very HOT!

  10. Ron on January 3, 2013: (Reply)

    You are hot in and out of clothing — great bod and great attitude — bet you are a fun fuck

  11. Me on January 1, 2013: (Reply)

    I am in all of these websites too darling. Go & see in “my boobs #1,2,3,..” & more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. on January 1, 2013: (Reply)

    I would like to do things to you that would make us both unable to walk correct… Give you a 25

  13. T BONE on January 1, 2013: (Reply)

    nice round ass and the side view of those real nice .bet you have a hell of a set curves on you .hot very hot

  14. I on December 31, 2012: (Reply)

    Why aren’t you posting on Boobcritic, RateMyNaughty, or MightyFineAss?

  15. Me on December 30, 2012: (Reply)

    Wow perfect body more more more please!,!

  16. dd.eddie on December 30, 2012: (Reply)

    Bootay and boobays! a perfect juicy yummy body made to be EATEN! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. on December 29, 2012: (Reply)

    You look stunning in that bikini sweetie!

  18. LK on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    you look really amazing got an sexy body yeah post more

  19. Browser on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    Let me see if I can get those knots undone with my tongue!

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Nice wife tits

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Tits on celular phone

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7 Comments for Nice wife tits

  1. on February 1, 2013: (Reply)


  2. Alice on January 1, 2013: (Reply)

    do you think she want to trade pic with me? I’m in next up picture with title “what u think?”

  3. Sergio on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    Shes my wife Melissa… and its not a stolen pic, rate her!

  4. dd.eddie on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    Amaziing body! pure yumminess!

  5. Jony on December 27, 2012: (Reply)

    Nice tits & perfect body, gorgeous.. Post more.

  6. on December 27, 2012: (Reply)

    Wow. Amazing!!!

  7. Slash on December 27, 2012: (Reply)

    Looks like a stolen pic, to me.

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Russian bikini girl

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Pic for her first model application

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19 Comments for Russian bikini girl

  1. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Show your boobs and pussy you are sexy

  2. nope on August 6, 2013: (Reply)

    i will marry you call me…& stay in america

  3. cdog on April 29, 2013: (Reply)

    perfect girl

  4. Kev B on February 22, 2013: (Reply)

    Dream girl

  5. Ben on January 31, 2013: (Reply)


  6. on January 22, 2013: (Reply)

    shes hot

  7. Demitri on January 8, 2013: (Reply)

    How about some American cock and cum?

  8. mark on January 5, 2013: (Reply)

    i’m in love

  9. BigBaws on December 31, 2012: (Reply)

    Russian people are so fucking rude!

  10. Browser on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    I’d be russian to get you out of that bikini!

  11. tim on December 25, 2012: (Reply)

    holy shit your hot

  12. on December 24, 2012: (Reply)

    It is very cold where I am at how bout a picture to warm me up

  13. trent on December 24, 2012: (Reply)

    youve got it all show more

  14. dd.eddie on December 24, 2012: (Reply)

    Sweet, spring break, now get her back to school. that’s why she’s here.

  15. on December 24, 2012: (Reply)

    Super Hot!

  16. on December 24, 2012: (Reply)

    dam hot pic got anymore and will you marry me

  17. LK on December 23, 2012: (Reply)

    dayum hot =)

  18. me on December 23, 2012: (Reply)


  19. Dave on December 23, 2012: (Reply)

    Perfect 10!

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late night bikini

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15 Comments for late night bikini

  1. shrike on August 11, 2014: (Reply)


  2. on June 15, 2014: (Reply)


  3. Mary J on November 24, 2013: (Reply)


  4. Edgar on August 15, 2013: (Reply)

    Move your top apart away so I can see your two boobs

  5. me on July 26, 2013: (Reply)


  6. Mike on May 29, 2013: (Reply)

    I want to knock that pussy up!

  7. Demitri on January 8, 2013: (Reply)

    sexy! I’d love to see you nude.

  8. on December 17, 2012: (Reply)

    super hot show more

  9. on December 11, 2012: (Reply)

    Perfection! What a sexy girl!

  10. Tim on December 11, 2012: (Reply)

    holy shit your hot !

  11. Boog on December 10, 2012: (Reply)

    Words can not begin to describe the beauty in this photo whoever ends up with you is very very lucky

  12. HELLBILLY on December 10, 2012: (Reply)


  13. dd.eddie on December 10, 2012: (Reply)

    What can you say….? she’s a 10 if she’s as much fun as that sweet smile. Awesome body

  14. L.A. on December 9, 2012: (Reply)

    looks sexy on you damn hot =)

  15. on December 9, 2012: (Reply)

    super sexy! Please share more.

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