Slim, athletic, and busty Filipina 39


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  1. tomtom Said:

    you are perect…they always under-rate the brown girls

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    Salamat! wow you are even more strikingly beautiful than i could have expected. More please

  3. laddiedavis@rocket Said:


  4. Don Said:


Im young and asian!

IMG00104-20100129-1511 (2).jpg

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    need boyfriend can i apply

  2. jack Said:

    like too the back

  3. Said:

    please marry me

  4. Said:

    you have an amazing body,very fit and sexy,and a very cute face 10 :)

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  7. Don Said:

    Take it off

  8. Biff Said:

    Hot hot hot

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    Hello I love your body you got a 10 for me I would like to see more maybe we can exchange some pics let me know

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  11. dd.eddie Said:

    Im old, Polish and horney! You are spectacular!

  12. Dream Girl Said:

    i love u from Umaru

  13. Said:

    iwant to suck your body .speacially ass

  14. Said:

    You are also smoking’ hot!!! Simply amazing is all I gotta say!!

  15. paul Said:

    You’re fkn hot…….bet you have a tight pussy

  16. ACE Said:

    Cute. Let’s see the bod.

Floating in Palm Springs

3 7  Floating in P.S JP (2)3.jpg

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Hot wife loves the sun & cameras!

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  1. Xman Said:

    Hottie Rocks!

  2. Said:

    I had to caome back, My favorite of ALL TIME!! ’10”

  3. Hedo Hubby Said:

    Still comming back to vote for those tits, but the vote won’t go through again…I owe you fivr days worth.

  4. Said:

    Come on People Let’s show our Appreciation– Give this BEAUTY a “10”!!!

  5. T&AMAN Said:

    If this does not get a rise, It’s broke get viagra!!! “10” all day!!

  6. titman9 Said:

    WOW!!! Super Breasts!! 10

  7. Hedo Hubby Said:

    I agree with rj… Absolutely Beautyful

  8. Said:

    Slow down and give this FOXY LADY another look!! “10”

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    I do not understand, these younger gals would kill to be as SEXY as this lady, I LOVE HER!!!

  11. Hedo Hubby Said:

    You are a “10” but the voting star won’t click through!! I’d vote twice if it worked. Love those tits & nips….

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    Come on folks if this is not a “10” there are no 10’s!!!

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    I’ve Seen other pics of this Beauty, she has the sexiest ass you’ve ever seen!

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    Babe, You are so HOT, Can’t believe u are not “10”!!!

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    Favors young Farrah, Only BETTER!! LOVE UR BOD!

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    I love your hair, skin,eyes and you have the best boobs ever! Your nipples are perfect!

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    I have seen your vacation pics, Baby you are nothing short of “PERFECT”!

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    I have to say, if you and I were together I would throw the camera in the garbage and focus on your Beautiful Body!!

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  22. dogg6969 Said:

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  23. rickard Said:

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  30. Jack Robins Said:

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  32. Ur hot Said:

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    i was just checking on you and yes your still hot

  34. Mike Said:

    Breast augmentation is a gift from heaven 2nd only to beer! I still think she’s HOT! Appearently, I’m not alone!

  35. kevin Said:

    damn you are so damn sexy

  36. Vincent Said:

    fake tits pity…

  37. Zack Said:

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    This MILF belongs in the Top 10.. Love to be the “Raft!”

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  50. Hedo guy Said:

    Great “Nips!”

  51. duke Said:

    thats one hot piece right there.

  52. BMAN Said:


Tight & Tan

P1010589 (2).jpg

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  1. Said:


  2. jim Said:


  3. bob Said:

    hot hot hot

  4. Charlie Said:

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  5. lulu Said:

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  6. Ben Said:

    love the ass

  7. mark Said:

    very good

  8. Said:

    great tan lines

  9. Tom Said:

    OMG! Loved that ass. Let me fuck you?

  10. Mike Said:

    nice body, very fuckable

Busty brunette in a bikini (SEXY_SHELLY)


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WELL I just enjoy reading your comments,x

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  1. spacedog Said:

    damn near perfect!

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  3. dogg6969 Said:

    ok shelly can we meet your gorgeous did you leave in cloquet

  4. Mike Said:

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  6. Milks Said:

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  10. Kumar Said:

    mind blowing boobs

  11. 3153800888 Said:

    damn, to catch u changeing! wow!

  12. vincent Said:

    belles courbes

  13. lac Said:

    thats great please post more we enjoy gazeing at ur beauty

  14. dd.eddie Said:

    Luv ya! een prettier now than in your RMM pictures!

mi green bikini


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mi 32D on mi green bikni to France

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  1. canster Said:

    id peel tht bikini off those fine titties wit my tongue

  2. Said:

    Thankyou for those pics are amazing

  3. Said:

    I don’t know why you don’t got 10 because you have very pretty face and really nice body I would like to see more of you

  4. Said:

    man i want you stripped down please share at my email

  5. Said:

    funny eatting an apple with a pair like that

  6. DL2007 Said:

    Very cute…nice rack too!

  7. vincent Said:

    trés beau bikini :-)

Chilling at the Park


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  1. Said:


  2. dogg6969 Said:

    can i find out if its red down below

  3. andrew Said:

    A woman that good looking,,, you can have whatever you please

  4. bob Said:

    tu es très charmante

  5. bob Said:

    keep it on

  6. luke Said:

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  7. bob Said:

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  9. Billy Said:

    Love redheads…so sexy

  10. jacob Said:

    nice body let me fuck it

  11. tanner Said:

    god i want to fuck her so hard

  12. DL2007 Said:

    Much potential, but please start eating and retake this pose 30 lbs later.

  13. adolf hitler Said:

    GUYS. how does this only have a 7. look at those tits. amazig. she is so good looking.

  14. Said:

    Such a sexy woman.. would love some private pics to rate ;)

  15. dd.eddie Said:

    Wow, rally build and i love that ‘cupful o ass’. Lotion?

  16. Ron Said:

    Great bod and love the fiery red hair – bet you are fun

Sexy British Slut


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English slut showing off curves in a thong bikini!

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  1. biggdogg80 Said:


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    Very fuckable show me more ;)

  4. canster Said:

    u wish u was a sexy brit slut,prob just da slut bit ha ha

  5. Don Said:

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  7. lulu Said:

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  11. DL2007 Said:

    Nice body…fun pose too!

My first thong bikini


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Just showing it to my husband and his friends

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  1. dogg6969 Said:

    lose the top

  2. Rambone Said:

    Did they gangbang you, you saucy tart you

  3. Mike Said:


  4. TJ Said:

    Mmm very nice. What did hubby and his friends think?

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  7. dave Said:

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  9. Sunbaked Said:

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  10. vincent Said:

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  11. Ron Said:

    Wish I was one fo your friends getting to see that in person. Love your big tits

My gf (29yo)

a 083.jpg

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Like the bikini?

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  1. stephen Said:

    like the bikini but i love whats n the bikini, a 10 frm me :) love 2 c more

  2. lac Said:

    she’s hot post more