Bikini Riot

SEXY_SHELLY busty amateur wife


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SEXY_SHELLY a busty amateur wife wearing a blue bikini at a secluded beach

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south beach!


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  1. Spike Said:

    Sorry *your

  2. Spike Said:

    I love you sexy ass btw!

  3. Spike Said:

    You are so sexy!! Quit teasing us and show us the front side!!

  4. dd.eddie Said:

    AWESOME girl! Latina? I surely want to see more of you

  5. Said:

    cute butt!!

warm geothermal spa


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  1. dd.eddie Said:

    Hmm, with you out i imagine the temp dropped several degrees. Love your hips

just me hangin’ out


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  1. dd.eddie Said:

    I would love to accompany you for a vacation anywhere

My sexy wife Hiding Out


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Hiding Out

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  1. Said:

    She is hot! So glad you sent in the pic. I like her style.

  2. wow Said:

    I think this sexy woman has posted before. it’s been a while but you don’t forget a body like that. Tell me if I’m right.

  3. the dude Said:

    Wow! I could slide in on that!!

  4. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW a delicious glistening MILF! Can i request a side view and a rear view? :D

Hot sun


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  1. dd.eddie Said:

    Ah; Brazillian woman are so HOT! Is it true Brazilian womans asshole are begging for tongue?

  2. Ron Said:

    What a hot pic! Love to vacation with you.

  3. nich Said:

    hae! u r too hot!

  4. luci Said:

    Rio de Janeiro

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    Are you always on vacation? salamat! Arizona beach resort; Subic?

just me relaxing


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Me and the sand :)

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  1. Dave Said:

    wish I was there, you’d be getting fucked….hard

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    masarap! WOW amazing! 10!

brazilian in bikini


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  1. denny Said:

    Such a beautiful woman

  2. WOODY Said:

    killer body loving the curves very nice

  3. TBone Said:

    Damn Hot!! built just fine. hour glass figure. Danger curvrs ahead

  4. jack Said:

    1 girl me vedio xxx by watch

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    HOT DAMN! PERFECT hourglass figure!

  6. Ron Said:

    You sure know how to wear a bikini. Hot!

  7. Spike Said:

    Very sexy!!!!

  8. Said:

    thank you to hot

Are we hot?


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What do you think?

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  1. omg! Said:

    left, smoking hot! right, needs a new top or something. quit smoking too! Lol!

  2. NUDEBOY14 Said:


  3. Bob Said:

    No, “we” are not hot… you should probably have an eating contest to see who is.

  4. Slick Said:

    You are her not so much. I’d fuck to fuck you though.

  5. Said:

    very hot smoking

  6. dd.eddie Said:

    YES! Very hot! I would love to split you both up; but I NEED to keep you both. Mmmm Mmm double delight! :D 5! or 10!

Sexy in blue


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  1. Ron Said:

    I like you. I’d enjoy being with you at the beach and fucking you there or in the bedroom

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    U r so far away; very good potential