At the pool


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FTV application photo from Ariane

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  1. dd.eddie Said:

    Damn, it is hard for me to look past her gorjus smile and eyes

on the road bikini


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  1. Said:

    I love this pic. You are so hot, beautiful and sexy!

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW! I hope you are a model and come to my photoshoot! Gorl Next Door HOT

  3. Said:

    Very pretty ;)

  4. Said:

    You are pretty and very sexy!

Sexy in Black


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  1. Said:

    Loving all your pics

  2. Said:

    Great bod! I’d do you with pleasure.

Beach girl in bikini


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FTV application photo from Ariane

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  1. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW i think i would shovel and dig you the largest sand castel to be my queen

  2. Bikiniloving Said:


  3. YummyBikini Said:


Beach poser


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What do you think

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  1. Said:

    delicious body!

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    so tempting, i think your photographer needs some training; SUN BEHIND HIM! missed out on your hotness

  3. Bikiniloving Said:


  4. YummyBikini Said:

    Yummy Hottie!

just hanging out


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my natural look. hope you like. :)

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  1. Slash Said:

    Heheheh, “my natural look”? She’s very cute, but dyed hair and eye makeup isn’t really “natural”.

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    WOW natural and super pretty! you make me cum back a few times already

the woman in red


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  1. Said:

    I do love your tits

  2. Said:

    that is a fun fuckable body — love your big tits

  3. Said:

    Great body! Perfect ;)

  4. Tuff Said:

    absolutely beautiful face and gorgeous body.

  5. dd.eddie Said:

    full and nicely shaped! terrific breasts

Soccer girl in bikini


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FTV application photo from Belicia.

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  1. Abhi Said:

    Very Sexy

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    not sure of the soccer title; not enough meat on her bones for soccer. Beach volleyball YES! :D

SEXY_SHELLY busty amateur wife


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SEXY_SHELLY a busty amateur wife wearing a blue bikini at a secluded beach

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  1. fletch Said:

    - YOUR getting popular.. boob critic etc, just search ‘busty SEXY_SHELLY’

  2. dd.eddie Said:

    aging gracefully Shelly; but you dont need a padded top.

south beach!


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  1. Bikiniloving Said:

    Hottie ass

  2. YummyBikini Said:

    Yummy ass

  3. nips Said:

    gorgeous ass

  4. Spike Said:

    Sorry *your

  5. Spike Said:

    I love you sexy ass btw!

  6. Spike Said:

    You are so sexy!! Quit teasing us and show us the front side!!

  7. dd.eddie Said:

    AWESOME girl! Latina? I surely want to see more of you

  8. Said:

    cute butt!!